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Make the right choice now! There are more than 100 Central and State Exams, whose preparation and assessment is available online on our platform. Check the exams you are eligible for and prepare well to make the career of your choice, right here.

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You can practice with different no of Mock Tests, Time Validity and with or without Tutorials, so buy your plan and get started.

Mock 10

  • 3 Month Validity
  • 10 Mock Test
  • Subject Test
  • Tutorials
  • Analysis Report

DL 50

  • 1 Month Validity
  • Unlimited Mock Test
  • Subject Test
  • Tutorials
  • Analysis Report

One Subject

  • 6 Month Validity
  • Mock Test
  • 30 Subject Test
  • Tutorials
  • Analysis Report

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    100+ Govt Exams

    There are more than 100 Central and State Level Government Exams.

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    Study Material & Practice Questions

    Get fully prepared with Tutorials, Section Level Practice Questions and Mock Tests.

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    Online Test Preparation

    An online exam demands online practice, ensure that you have enough of it.

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    Choose different plans, to get Mock Tests, Tutorials, a Month to an Year.

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    Performance Analysis

    Get 7 Analysis reports on Subject, Sub-Topics, Time Taken, Correct Answer, Subject wise and cumulative progress.






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